Shoulder Innovations | Glenoid Arthroplasty
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  • Glenoid component design addresses the most common complication of total shoulder replacement and leading cause of revision: glenoid implant failure.
  • Glenoid implant is inset within the glenoid vault, in contrast to traditional designs, which sit atop the bone surface.
  • Inset design reduces “Rocking Horse” motion by 87% in FEA models1.
  • Strong fixation in peripheral bone enables a low center peg profile, permitting successful treatment for patients with severe bone erosion without perforation of the glenoid bone2.
  • Circular implant shape minimizes reamer size, providing access in most challenging surgical exposures.
  • Available in diameters 22, 24, 27 and 30mm, and two thicknesses 6 and 8mm.

Proven humeral design based on
decades of clinical experience.

Fewer operative steps and lower procedural costs.